The Hydra Monster funfair



As the collaboration between Felix Fisgus and Thomas Molles in Tunis was a great joy and more than fruitful, they teamed up again. In the summer of 2018, it was the time of year when the soccer world cup had just started, so they decided to make a game related to this sport. It was a screen-based goal shooting game with a very special controller. They used the leg of a dummy mounted on a platform, so that it could swing around an axis through the knee. By pulling on this crutch, the leg is accelerated until the red button on the shoe hits a ball. The player must score as many goals as possible in 30 seconds, shooting the crotch at the right time and with the right force. If the player shoots too slowly, the ball will not reach the goal, if he shoots too fast, the ball will go over the goal. This attraction was created in Malakoff, a suburb of Paris.