The Hydra Monster funfair

Raphael Isdant

Raphaël Isdant (France) is an artist, teacher, and researcher who enjoys exploring sensitive digital territories, revealing the fragility of our times. Alongside his numerous collaborations, he has created a device for photographing ghosts of animals extinct due to human actions, an avatar searching for identity on Facebook, a virtual creative platform connecting hospitalized children, a drum battle between a gamer and a musician on stage, and a digital heart beating to the rhythm of seismic activity on our planet.

Since 2009, Raphaël has been teaching a course on scripting and interactive writing at the digital center of the Beaux Arts de Paris. He regularly teaches at universities and conducts workshops in France (UPJV, ECV, EPSAA…) and abroad (Southeast University in Nanjing, Kun Shan University in Taiwan…).