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🕹️ ENIAROF #3 🇫🇷Marseille

6th to 14th October 2006 / Festival Arborescence La Friche Belle de Mai / Marseille – France

List of guest artists : Antonin Fourneau and Jankenpopp.

The team from the Arborescence festival, who had discovered the Eniarof project during its first edition at the art school in Aix-en-Provence in 2005, offered to Jankenpopp and Antonin Fourneau a carte blanche at the Friche la Belle de Mai. Five playable proposals were presented within this mini Eniarof, including :

  • Another Jankenpopp proposal is a modification of the Duck Hunt game in which the player shoots at the screen with a gun but with the Peritel plug hacked so that the video signal is constantly sweeping the screen and therefore making the game much harder.
  • Mario Too Much Mushroom by Jankenpopp, in which modifies a Mario game cartridge so that the graphic representations of enemies are reversed with the scenery. And even the controller is totally patched.
  • Donkey Kong Blackout by Antonin Fourneau, allowed players to play the famous platform game, but with the handicap of the video signal cutting out when the jump button was pressed. So players had to try to jump as little as possible while playing a platform game.
  • vocal claw crane by Antonin Fourneau, already presented in Eniarof #1 this attraction propose to print a karigami paper template if you scream and shout enough stronger to catch a character on the screen.


Vocal Claw Crane

Mario Too much Mushroom