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🇹🇳 ENIAROF #22 🇹🇳 Tunis

30th November to 3rd December 2017 / EFEST festival – Abdelia Palace / La Marsa – Tunisia

List of guest artists : Niklas Roy, Kati Hyyppä, Mehdi Hadjsassi, Sophie Daste, Jérémie Cortial, Roman Miletitch, Mehdi Hadj Sassi, Antonin Fourneau, Louis Anglionin, Thomas Molles, Daniel Plata, Pierre Emm et Guofan Xiong, Maike Effenberg, Lena Zwerina, Felix Fisgus and Maestro Piveta, Malek Hedhly, Samy Kefy, Oussama Menchaoui, Samy Kefy and Hiba Chamekh.

Coordination : Afif Riahi and Antonin Fourneau.


EFEST festival and his creator Afif Riahi accompanied by his incredible team welcomed Eniarof for an exceptional residency. The headquarters was being set up in the Abdellia Palace in La Marsa. For the first time in the EFEST, we wanted an Eniarof with a North/South dimension. Partnerships had been established with the GoD|Art research group of the EnsAD school, the support of the French Institute and the Goethe Institut, artists and students from German universities, as well as the independent game festival Amaze Festival created by Thorsten S. Wiedemann in Berlin. The Tunisian participation was made up of students from the Esprit engineering school as well as freelancers from the Tunisian maker community. The one-week design workshop brought together participants from Tunisia, France and Germany in a collaborative format and exchange of skills. They were assisted by a team of supervisors made up of Niklas Roy, Antonin Fourneau, Sophie Daste, Kati Hyyppä, Jérémie Cortial and Roman Miletich. What was sought here was to bring together communities of makers from different backgrounds and backgrounds to promote joint creations. About twenty participants, students, hackers, designers, gamers, programmers, were gathered around collaborative projects, in which each participant sought to develop new forms of attractions around gaming. The end result materialized in the form of a festive exhibition that was both futuristic and in keeping with the original spirit of innovation of the fairgrounds of yesteryear. A public of all ages was invited to come and interact with the installations created.

An Eniarof scarf was made especially for this event :

Here is the list of attractions presented during the 3 days of the event:

  • RR by Antonin Fourneau, Enter the world of head-banging simulation, where you’re not just cranking up the volume on some hard rock tunes, but also in control of the light and fog machine. To play, you must don a wig and shake your head to pump up the energy. One wig controls the drums and vocals, while the other controls the guitar and bass. As you bang your head to the beat, the music gets louder and the light show gets more intense. It’s a full-on sensory experience that will leave you feeling like a rock star. So grab your wig and get ready to rock out!
  • Bubble Blast by Niklas Roy, an electronic game for two players. Each player remotely controls a little vehicle, which has an inflated balloon attached to its back and a sharp needle attached to its front. The aim of the game is to pop the opponent’s balloon while keeping one’s own balloon intact.
  • Seduce the Train by Kati Hyyppä, Step right up, folks, and experience the thrill of domesticating an electric train like never before! With a new kind of interactive gloves equipped with flexion sensors, you can take control of the train and guide it along the track.
  • Micro game factory by Jérémie Cortial and Roman Miletitch, allows you to instantly design Game & Watch style gameplays. Revise your game designer basics armed with simple colored markers.
  • Lucy Loves You by Thomas Molles, Felix Fisgus and Hiballah Chemakh, a two-player game inspired by Stanley Milgram’s experiments in which players must cooperate or one player will be physically punished.
  • Find Me I’m Famous by Thomas Molles, Felix Fisgus, and Hiballah Chemakh, Put on the bling bling necklace, put your fingers in the sensor, and run to put your fingers in the eyes of the portraits. Once your 5 LEDs are lit, return to the starting point before the other player.
  • Box Box by Daniel Plata and Maestro Piveta, a human size cardboard box equipped with electronic components, a bright screen, and an arcade button on top, you’ll insert your head into the cardboard box and get ready to face off against your opponent. With a limited mobility, you must reach your opponent’s button before they reach yours.
  • Fart Fighter by Maike Effenberg, Oussama Menchaoui, Medhi Hadj Sassi, Hanas Ghrab, Pierre Emm, and Louis Anglionin, a game that combines sound and fighting game mechanics. By removing the controller from the player’s hands and forcing them to get closer to the character they’re playing, Fart Fighter aims to push the limits of immersion.
  • Heart the Hit by Lena Zwerina, Malek Hedhly, Samy Kefy and Guofan Xiong, Part I: players must choose one of their four body members (with sensors) to hit one of the balls with the correct color that was indicated. Part II: The player enters the room and lies down, then waits for the “doctor” to measure their heart rate for one minute.
  • Constellations by Maestro Piveta, you have to arrange stars into a given constellation. Little LED lamps were given to the players, but they could use their phones or any other light source they had.
  • Chienpo Okonomiyaki by Jérémie Cortial, the famous okonomiyaki restaurant to feed the visitors.


RR The Head Banging Simulator

Seduce the train

Bubble Blast

Find me I’m famous

Lucy loves you

Chienpo Okonomiyaki

Box Box