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🕹️ ENIAROF #14 ⛪️ Tourcoing

29th March to 4th may 2014 / Festival Tréto – Maison Folie hospice d’Havré / Tourcoing – France

List of guest artists : Manuel Braun,  Grégoire Lauvin, Fabien Zocco, Olivier Gain, Jérémie Cortial, Guillaume Lomonaco, Laure Jacinto, Thomas Mitraillette, Djeff Regottaz, Loïc Horellou, Alexandre Saunier and Antonin Fourneau.

Antonin has proposed to implement a large retrocompatible museum during this special Eniarof event, which consists of two intense and festive days followed by a month-long exhibition. This unique event took place at the beautiful Maison Folie Hospice d’Havré.

Building on the idea that emerged during Eniarof#13 in the arcade room, where various objects from the gaming industry that inspired artists to create their attractions were exhibited, Antonin has proposed to the artists to make a large retrocompatible museum. The museum has showcased a collection of famous object of the game culture like Pacman, Pong, Etch a Sketch… put in mirror of the artists creations inspired by these items.

  • FileDriver by Alexandre Saunier, the attraction is akin to an ethereal arcade game, where only the most fundamental elements remain – the interplay of light and sound. As the viewer becomes immersed in the hypnotic sequences, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, crafting their own enigmatic mental imagery that evolves and refines with each passing moment. The object exhibited, which is from game culture, was Night Driver on Atari.
  • Pong Song Song Pong by Morgan Daguenet and Thomas François, is a Pong game in which two players must produce at best a song or reggae lyrics if not screams to control their racket. The object exhibited, which is from game history, was a replica of Tennis for two.

Tribute to Tennis for two by Alexandre Saunier and Gregoire Lauvin, a simple replica of the old (potential) first game of video game story.

  • SOTA by One life remains, a 4 players competitive racing game : every time your avatar changes colour, you have to switch for the gamepad of the same color, if you want to keep running forward.
  • Telecran Run Run by Thomas François and Morgan Daguenet, inspired by the famous toy etch a sketch, Telecran Run Run is a racing game where the player must draw a path through a circuit in order to reach the finish line while avoiding obstacles.
  • the famous Etch a Sketch toy exhibited in mirror of Telecran Run Run, invented by André Cassagnes.
  • Arcade concrete by Manuel Braun and Antonin Fourneau, It is quite common to find ping pong tables in steel or concrete in parks and playground. Arcade in concrete raises the question of the potential place that in the future could host video games in the public space.
  • Chienpo Okonomiyaki by Jérémie Cortial, in an Eniarof, there is always a need for a place to refuel, and if it’s experimental, all the better. And what better way to experiment than with okonomiyaki?
  • Hyperolympic by Djeff Regottaz and Loic Horelliou, an old-school balance board used to play Track & Field by swaying on an unstable balance system. The game exhibited in micro was obviously Track&field.
  • Shooting in the rain by Manuel Braun and Antonin Fourneau, experience the joy of hunting ducks with an umbrella. An alternative controller of the more commons video game gun. The video game that was mirrored in this exhibit was, of course, Duck Hunt.

Presentation in French in La Voix du Nord


Arcade concrete

SOTA (Slam Of The Arcade Age)

Hyper Olympic

Chienpo Okonomiyaki

Glitch Game

Telecran RunRun

Pong Song Song Pong

Shooting in the rain