The Hydra Monster funfair

RGB Racers


RGB Racers is a giant video-projected racing game on an urban facade, inviting 3 players to pilot a small ship, thanks to a steering wheel and a pedal, to collect the maximum of bonuses and to obtain the first place of this frenzied race!
Designed and thought as an arcade game from the 80’s, the installation includes 3 steering wheels and accelerator pedals. The players are represented by 3 different colors: red, green and blue, Red/Green/Blue, RGB.
The games are fast-paced and rhythmic, and adapt to the facades (or any other support) on which the game is projected. As the cars can never go straight, the control and navigation in the game are as fun as they are moving, taking on the appearance of a “crazy wheel”.
This spectacular installation with Pop / Psychedelic colors is the result of a video-mapping work that integrates the architecture and the reliefs of the facades in the virtual space of the game. Modeled to be scalable, the game’s circuit can be adapted according to the audience or the urban context.