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Created by Manon Derain, Chloé Desmoineau, Julien Drochon, Paul Gaston et Dyonisis Zamplaras

Dracolocation is a Boardgame developed during the workshop frankenstein Media of Eniarof #17

Presentation: Count Dracula, ruined after bad investments, is forced to open his manor for roommates. A certain Dr. Frankenstein answers the call. The cohabitation went well until the arrival of electricity in Transylvania. Frankenstein sets his mind on using this new technology to bring his creature to life. Without rest, day and night, there are loud back and forths between the generator and the laboratory. But Dracula, who has been a light sleeper for the last two centuries, doesn’t hear of it!

Dracula’s goal: Destroy the generator or Frankenstein’s creature

Frankenstein’s goal: Connect his creature to the generator to bring it to life

Instructions: Dracula’s room is placed in the center of the board. Players take turns drawing a tile and placing it on the game board, Dracula starts, players repeat the action until the board is complete. Frankenstein starts this phase of the game. Once the board is filled, the game can begin. There must be one tile left outside the board.

Game play rules: Frankenstein’s turn: He inserts the remaining tile at the end of the desired row or column, this way he can slide the entire row of tiles and eject the one located opposite, this is the tile he will use in the next turn. Dracula cannot leave the game board. If Dracula is expelled outside the board during a movement of a column or a row, he is placed opposite of it. Dracula’s turn: Dracula starts the game in his room in the center of the board. He has two types of actions: move (obviously without crossing the walls of the labyrinth) and rotate one of the adjacent tiles by a quarter turn. Tiles in diagonal, and the one he is on, can not rotate. Each turn Dracula can perform five actions in the order he wishes. The game ends: When Frankenstein manages to connect the generator to his creature. He can then activate the switch and exclaim: “It’s alive! It’s alive!” Or when Dracula reaches the “generator” or “creature” tiles.