The Hydra Monster funfair


Caligari at Lift14

The game is based on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a 1920 German expressionist film directed by Robert Wien. The player is chased by Cesare, a sleepwalker, and Dr. Caligari. While avoiding his enemies, he has to catch little suns that progressively make the day break. As the sun rises, Cesare and Dr. Caligari disappear. The game was developed with Unity engine. The controller was 3D printed. Its design was inspired by the Playstation controller. It is composed of a wheel and a hole that enable the player to move around and hide. Movements are detected by LED infrared sensors and signals transmitted trough an Arduino Leonardo.

The game and its controller were designed and developed in the frame the Retrocompatible Museum of Technology workshop | exhibition, which revisits some of the salient themes from the history of gaming.