The Hydra Monster funfair


The goal of the game is to have the player (the victim) guess as many words as possible before the end of the time.

Instructions: The two teams face each other and each team has a chalkboard and a “chalk holder” in front of them. The timer and the deck of cards are in the middle of the table.

Game play rules:

  1. Players divide in two teams of three.
  2. In each team, a victim is chosen: they take the chalk holder, their wrists are tied with ropes, and a blindfold is put on them.
  3. Simultaneously, the timer is started and a card to be guessed is drawn.
  4. The masters manipulate the victim’s hands with the ropes and try to make them guess the word by writing it.
  5. When the time is up, the victim is changed. The round is over when all cards have been guessed.
  6. In the second round, the same cards are guessed, but this time by drawing them. The team that guesses the maximum of words wins.