The Hydra Monster funfair

Jérémie Cortial

Jérémie @ Eniarof #32 Marseille

Jérémie was born in 1978. He lives and works in Lyon ( France).
Artist and inventor, his work connects virtuality and materiality through an unique practice of drawing. With his mascott Chienpo, he has created the emblematic Flippaper that turns any drawings into a playable pinball. Co-founder of the art collective Elshopo, the laboratory for serigraphy in 2001, he has been exploring the production of multiples from chocolate screen prints on pancakes to experimental video games. In 2018 he starts Cosmodule, an art & R&D lab aiming to build a space station for artists. Playing at the border of art, entertainment, DIY research, his works are always pop and visual, yet the public is often deeply involved in the process.