The Hydra Monster funfair


Djeff studied communication before specializing in hypermedia (at the University of Paris 8) and digital arts (postgraduate at the Interactive Research Workshop of the ENSAD). He won the “Digital Creator” scholarship from the Hachette Foundation in 2000 for his interactive and generative detective novel “Trajectories.” Djeff founded the digital entertainment studio “Dekalko” and taught new media at the “Culture and Communication” department of the University of Paris 8 from 2001 to 2009. He became the artistic director and later the director of creation at Sciences Po Paris in 2009 and 2012, respectively.

Djeff’s work explores perception and uses our environment as a playground, focusing on three axes: gameplay, mobility, and traces. He defines himself as an artist who creates relational devices that deconstruct human behavior, keep traces, and question the technological imprint of our societies on the environment. By diverting simple objects from their original use, he invites us to reflect on how technology conditions our view and understanding of the world.

Djeff’s installations and videos are regularly exhibited in France (at various festivals and galleries) and abroad (including festivals in Montreal, New York, Istanbul, and Berlin).