The Hydra Monster funfair

🇩🇪 ENIAROF #25 🇩🇪 Berlin

25th to 29th April 2018 / Amaze FestivalUrban Spree / Berlin – Germany

List of guest artists : Sophie Daste, Guofan Xiong, Thomas Molles, Felix Figus and Maestro Piveta

Following the visit of Thorsten Amaze during Eniarof#22 Tunis, where he honored us with a lively musical performance, a part of the attractions created during this edition were invited by Thorsten to participate in the Amaze festival in the form of a small Eniarof “carte blanche”. As a result, three truly unique attractions were presented:

  • Boxbox by Daniel Plata and Maestro Piveta, a boxing match where you’re in a colored box with a small LED screen in place of your head. You have to smash with a unconvetionnel tool the button on the head of your opponent to win a point.
  • Lucy Loves You by Thomas Molles and Felix Figus, a two-player game inspired by Stanley Milgram’s experiments in which players must cooperate or one player will be physically punished. 
  • Find Me I’m Famous by Thomas Molles and Felix Figus, Put on the bling bling necklace, put your fingers in the sensor, and run to put your fingers in the eyes of the portraits. Once your 5 LEDs are lit, return to the starting point before the other player.

Temple by Guofan Xiong, an augmented version of arm wrestling.


Lucy loves you

Find me I’m famous

Box Box