The Hydra Monster funfair

Usine à Stroll

Click farms are factories that manufacture fake online notoriety. They increase the number of likes on content to make it more visible on digital social networks. Depending on the demands or instructions of the operators of these factories, either humans or robots are tasked with glorifying publications with likes. Robots that are constantly learning can be clumsy and assign value to problematic images that do not align with a social network’s editorial line or the civility of its users.

Scroll factory is a game device that draws from a database of images described textually by an Artificial Intelligence. Two players equipped with cranks must scroll through the textual and audio descriptions of images interpreted by machines and decide whether the content is acceptable for online publication by pressing a like button. By pressing the like button, players reveal the image, earn points if the image is in line with the moral standards of a healthy social network, and lose points if the image is problematic.