The Hydra Monster funfair

Tesla says

Video « Fake It » of Tesla says during the brainstorming

An attraction created during Eniarof #19 Moscow.

Tesla says is a cubic-shaped installation that the player wears on their shoulders, cutting them off from the world around them during the experience. The player is trapped in the installation and must obey commands dictated by Tesla, similar to a game of “Simon Says” in order to escape the trap set by Edison.

Objective of the game: Escape from Edison’s trap.

Instructions: Put the box on your head.

Gameplay: Once the box is on your head, Tesla gives the player instructions. The player must carry out the various manipulations dictated to escape of the trap.

Project completed as part of the Retrocompatible Museum Moscow, May 2016 – 10-day intensive workshop (partners: Labex Arts-H2H, EnsAD, EnsADLab, Paris 8 University, ATI/INRéV, French Institute of Russia, Polytech Museum, HSE Lab).

more informations on the Sergey Website.