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Lliagouch’ à la Russe

Video « Fake It » of Lliagouch’ à la Russe during the brainstorming

An attraction created during Eniarof #19 Moscow.

лягуш’ à la Russe (Lliagouch’ à la Russe) is a supercomputer simulation of ice hockey featuring the French Lliagouch’ (frog) facing off against the Russian Matryoshka deep in Siberia. Two players compete by playing punch cards, their choices determining the frog’s launch and the Russian doll’s reception can lead to a speed duel. If the French team wins, a Charles Aznavour song plays, if it’s a Russian victory, a traditional Russian folk song can be heard. 

Objective of the game: Win the ice hockey match!

Instructions: Two players face each other on either side of the machine.

Gameplay: The players choose a first punched card, which they insert into their reader. A first calculation takes place as a result of which the goal scorer (the frog) can be designated as the winner. Otherwise, another phase comes into action where the goal area is refined and the winner is the one who is the fastest to shoot or block the ball using their manipulation of the potentiometer.

Project completed as part of the Retrocompatible Museum Moscow, May 2016 – 10-day intensive workshop (partners: Labex Arts-H2H, EnsAD, EnsADLab, Paris 8 University, ATI/INRéV, French Institute of Russia, Polytech Museum, HSE Lab).