The Hydra Monster funfair

Darwin in charge

Video « Fake It » of Darwin in charge during the brainstorming

An attraction created during Eniarof #19 Moscow.

Darwin in Charge is an arcade machine with the most classic visual appearance in its overall form. However, it does not have a screen, it is simulated by a grid of five by five light tiles. The aesthetic is reminiscent of the futuristic “alien” representation in Spielberg’s film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The game is a puzzle game that is only understandable to the player, the spectator only sees lights turning on and off. The player’s successes impact their evolution, which is mechanically presented on the front of the machine.

Objective of the game: Solve the various puzzles to achieve the best possible evolution.

Instructions: One player takes their place in front of the machine and interacts with the joystick.

Gameplay: The player moves a square of light, when this square interacts with another active box, its behavior changes.

Project completed as part of the Retrocompatible Museum Moscow, May 2016 – 10-day intensive workshop (partners: Labex Arts-H2H, EnsAD, EnsADLab, Paris 8 University, ATI/INRéV, French Institute of Russia, Polytech Museum, HSE Lab).